Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School......

WELL, Hunter is off to 8th grade. She has volleyball practice/tryouts all week and will find out on Friday if she makes the team. Yesterday was a good day and signs of all kinds of hope for a great year....today, a totally different story. I do not remember all the drama, well I do remember some, but OMG she came home crying today....DAY TWO OF 8th GRADE! I really hope this doesnt set the tone for the year to come. Last year was bad with drama as well, I thought it would get better. The emotions are running ramped, cries at the drop of the hat, wants to be able to date, doesnt want to do anything but yet have everything.....typical teen they say. PLEASE PLEASE tell me it gets better. I love her dearly and wouldnt change a hair on her head but I am at a loss. My sweet little girl that used to think mommy was the greatest person in the world has suddenly turned on my and pretty much hates me most days.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Goodness, why did she come home crying? Email me later and fill me in!

I hope things go better as the year goes on. I can remember being just as rebellious at that age. Hang in there! I have TWO girls..don't scare me!