Monday, July 07, 2008

Post 582

WOW, who would have thought I am almost to 600 postings about our with Tucker. This blog was put into play to keep family and friends updated on Tuckers progress, how the medical stuff was going and what was next. It was a good source for on and they were up to date. Since the start of this blog, it still updates on Tucker and life with him. The things he learns and the progress he makes. It is a good source for me, being the scrapbook person I am and lack the time to do, to come back and know how old and exactly what was going on at what time. To go back to the very first posts, to see how far and how much things have changed.....sometimes it seems like it wasn't our life, someone else was going through that. At other times it seems it was just yesterday. I have much to learn from my son....he always finds his smile and never holds things against you. You may hurt his feelings but the very next moment he is giving hugs and kisses......these are qualities I would like to possess myself. I have learned not to take the small things for granted and to enjoy each new thing that is learned by him. It feels so good to have him pat you on the back when he gives you hugs now, to ask to "ba" while pointing one finger on the other hand to bounce on the trampoline, to watch him climb up the slide backwards, brush his teeth, ask for his popcorn many things. When we were told of the Downs Syndrome, we were afraid our son wouldn't do these typical things....we were then told not to under estimate these AMAZING kiddos....and we don't. He has come so far in his short (almost) 3 years of life. He is truly a gift.

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