Monday, July 07, 2008


OK, I know I haven't posted in a while. I was on /in a slump. Tuck is growing so, walking everywhere, and showing his signing talents each day. He now knows grass, wind, pig, tree, cracker (correctly), cookie, play, and I LOVE YOU. He says BYE, well he screams BYE while waiving. He talks on the telephone now when you put it to his ear. He has the balance and strength enough to get in and out of the cozy coupe on his own. He asks for his bath and his popcorn snack. (I have posted a picture of how he asks for it--by getting the popcorn holders and saying pop while signing) He loves being outside..which is a big switch from last year. He still isn't "in love" with the pool in the back. The big pool yes, but not the little one. IF I put a small amount of water in it he is all over it, if I fill it he wants nothing to do with it. (weird I know) I bought some floats to try with him in the big pool. He wanted to walk right off the steps last time even though he couldn't touch. I was afraid to let him go though because of the whole take in too much water via nose and mouth thing. It would probably be good to get him into some kind of swim lesson next year...something to think about.

Anyway, those are the neato things. He is finishing up his antibiotic for strep and just all together growing. Long legs and toddler looking face.....gosh, soon I wont be able to keep him still.

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