Monday, June 02, 2008

Where to start...

I don't even know where to start....the vacation was nice but very busy and today was day one back to work. UGH. Talk about a pile of paperwork to do!!

We have ALL of the decking down on the deck now, ready for railings. I have put Tucker's slide and pool out there so as to keep the dogs from "lifting" their legs on it all. I really think we will get a lot of use out of it. I actually had my coffee out there this past weekend. With new cushions on the old table it looks rather nice. Todd has Friday off and had mentioned getting started on the rail. It will be much easier having Tuck out there with some kind of something to keep him away from the edges. We are having one set of stairs, and some that are not too wide that we cannot use a dog or baby gate across them to block Tuck on and dogs off.!!

I did end up doing the garage sale and it was a little bit of a flop. I am going to run it again this weekend, try to get rid of some more CRAAAP that we have. :)

I also got some Spring cleaning done, curtains washed, windows washed, cabinets cleaned out, drawers straightened, pictures dusted...ya know all that jazz. Anyway, by the end of the week of everyone running in and out-- you can not tell I did a DARN THING!!! I am not doing it again that is for sure...ya right, anyone who knows me is saying "ya right Karen, you will". It is kinda driving me crazy but I am so sore and tired, I cannot even think of doing anything now with it all. A good mopping in the kitchen alone would make me feel better.

I took some video tonight of Tuck on the trampoline with Sissy and him climbing up his slide. OK, so I just put this up, the slide that is. I had it up once and he wasn't quite big enough to get up on it. I put it up this weekend and OMG he is climbing up the slide the wrong direction and then coming back down it already. They must have one at school that he plays on when he is there because I just about DIED when I saw him do it like it was nothing..... The pool, which I thought would be a big hit, was not so much. I had even let it warm all day long in the hot sun...not interested in the least. Kept wanting more jump.... He is growing so fast. He is such a big boy. I don't know if I told everyone that at the last nutrition visit he had gained 1 pound 2oz. and grew 1 inch. We took some of his tube feed calories away again so we will see if he gains this next visit or if we lose what we gained again. We seem to gain to 25 pounds and then lose.....keep your fingers crossed. He has decided he likes McDonald's Cheeseburgers without the bun and he is doing much better at feeding himself yogurt. He does better eating IF you don't sit and watch or try to get him to eat, he does better on his own at his own pace. Mind you it might take 40 minutes to get 1/2 a yogurt and 1/2 a hot dog down but it is down and he did it on his own.

Hunter leaves for Florida Wednesday for 10 days. Then we have trip to Grannies on Fathers Day weekend. Then she starts day camp for Volleyball that following Monday. She has already started baby sitting in the neighborhood, she should make some serious money. That is IF she makes some time to stay at home. Busy Busy teenager...gotta have time to go to the pool too ya know.

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