Friday, May 30, 2008

The 6!

OK, so we have flooring and we can actually sit on the patio furniture now. The rails are yet to come, which will probably be much slower than the actual deck just because we are WORN OUT!! Everyone is sun burnt and sore beyond words....but I got to drink my cup of coffee sitting on it this morning and I must say ......WORTH IT!!!!

Brett and Sheena are heading back today. We did end up camping on Memorial Day, pictures later. Other than that we spent a lot of time as a family and working hard... We sure appreciate them coming up and spending some time. I think we all had a very nice time. I am especially grateful that they got to know and spend some time with Tuck man. Tuck loves Brett and is getting better at going to Sheena. (it is only because Brett is a boy and Tuck is a mans man)

Tuck is at school today, gives me a day to get the house back in order without him under foot. He gets his therapies there so he needed to go. I am doing a garage sale tomorrow, just couldn't get it all together to have it today as well....just to much going on. It will be another busy day.

I promise more pictures later. Carla, I did get one posted at least. Kelly P--CONGRATS on the new job!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen!

for the pic and update on deck.
It looks Great!