Monday, May 12, 2008

Can you see how HE HAS GROWN!

Touching the door knobs now, trying to turn them, and holding a fist knocking on the door. Tell me that isn't growing up. SOON, he will get enough grip to open the door. He seems to have gained 5 pounds and a few inches over the past few weeks. He is talking more and more, sometimes it is actual words...most of the time he is just telling you a story or that he is upset.

I also have to say that my last post did not mean in any way that I do not believe in God, how can you look at Tucker and not, or any child for that matter. I don't understand a lot of the times and I was venting on how unfair it is to the Boeckman's to take precious Ava away. I know there is a bigger plan and a much better place waiting for all of us, away from this earth,,,,sometimes it is very hard to remember that.

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Pam said...

What a sweet boy!! Rhett is trying to open doors too. YIKES!!

I am toast when he learns how to do that!!