Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Words on Wednesday...

Tucker is back to school today. He was so excited, and so were his classmates. They had made him a banner with all their handprints for when he was in hospital. He got out sooner than they could get it to us….it was so nice of them to think of us. It is a cute banner and I will hang it up for all to see for a while then I will store it away for scrapbooking purposes.
OK, so last weekend we stayed close to home. I left two times, once for a drive because Tucker was crying and I didn’t know what was wrong. And Sunday I ran to Wal-Mart to get eggs and confetti for our Easter eggs we do every year. Hunter and Tucker stayed in the car both times-wasn’t chancing catching anything else while we were out. Tuck took a 3 hour nap while I started the book The Memory Keepers Daughter and Hunter worked on the eggs. I finished up a few things, like staining the awning that is in the bathroom upstairs. I had the stain sitting out and I finally got tired of seeing it stare me in the face, so I did it and put it away.
Hunter is on Spring break and has helped a lot with Tucker in the mornings this week. He soooo loves his sissy and her piggy back rides. She is working on her business cards to pass out to the neighbors for baby sitting this summer. She attends a babysitting class next week that will teach her a few tricks, like emergency stuff and games she can play with the kids and so on. She watched a few of the kids in the edition last year and is looking forward to making much much more money this year. (she has a want list a mile long of Hollister and Aero clothing)
We are going to get a hair cut tonight, another buzz cut for Tucker. Then we are going to attempt to see the Easter bunny. NOT sure that will happen, depends on how he does with the hair cut and after being at school all day he is usually pretty “tuckered” out. So, we will see. IF we do, I will post the picture tomorrow. In the meantime I have posted one from last year (with bunny) and one from the year before when we were in Mercy. Look how he has grown! Can’t believe he will be 3 YEARS OLD in September. That is only 6 MONTHS away, and then he will be riding a big boy buss to school and not needing his mama. I don’t know if I am ready for that….I wish for it but I know I will have a hard time when it comes true.

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