Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend in review

Brett came up with is girlfriend Lacy. They were here Saturday night and stayed until this afternoon. He turns 18 on Tuesday! It doesn't seem possible. He is quite the young man now. We just gave him money, as it seems all teenagers WANT and NEED money. We talked about what he wants to do. He is thinking of becoming a welder and then doing the reserves in the Navy. He graduates in May. WOW

My mom and sister came over on Friday night. Mom got a new hairdo and they were half way to the house so I invited them up. IT LOOKS GREAT! She has been through a few different ones and they never quite did what she wanted but this one looks great. Not that the other cuts didn't but ...ya know. Sometimes you have to pay a little more to get what you want. Which is what she did. I had had mine done earlier in the week with my gift card Toddy got me for my birthday and I told mom she just had to go and see this gal. She did and now we both have new hairdos that we love.

We went Thriftstore shopping today. Hunter has her play coming up and we had to find her "orphan" outfit. It didnt take long, thank goodness. Todds army boots, a plaid straight dress with a long john under it, leggens and a mop. We have to do some "making it all ugly and dirty" stuff to it but I think it will work. I think it all cost about 9.00 total.
I have been doing a little work from home this weekend as well. A mom/daughter/wife/work outside the home/womens work is never done! HEE HEE. ( I like being busy so dont get me wrong)

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