Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 21st-World Downs Syndrom Awareness Day

Downs Syndrome—discovered by John Langdon Down in 1866 and identified as chromosome 21 trisomy in 1959. Typically a baby inherits 23 chromosomes from its mother and 23 from its father. Tucker has 47 chromosomes. It's this extra genetic material that causes the physical and cognitive delays associated with DS.

Downs syndrome today means nothing that it did back then. Yes, it still means an extra chromosome with DELAYS but not an unaccomplished life.

Today I am celebrating the life of Tucker, my son born with T21. At first I didn’t know if I could handle having a son with a disability. I didn’t know much about Downs Syndrome, I still am not an expert. I do know that the lack of knowledge can make people do things they would otherwise not do. I hope that anyone who reaches our site looking for answers to questions finds a life that is filled with love; a life to celebrate and be thankful for.

Celebrate today!! Celebrate the fact that we have our loved ones here with us, celebrate the fact that they do things on their time and not according to the clock of the world, celebrate their unconditional love for others, celebrate their abilities, celebrate because they are special and therefore require us to learn and grow with them. Hug them and tell them you love them and are so very glad they are yours.
“T21”. How about the “T” stands for Terrific 21!!!


Carey said...

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! I too will be celebrating the lives of our little miracles!!!

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Happy Easter to you all!!!

Love, The Boeckman's