Friday, March 14, 2008


OK, Tucker did really well with his feeds yesterday. He started pooping, YEA!!! Of course a little bit of constipation so we have to really work with the Mirilax to get it resolved. Go from water to rock hard in a matter of days....Oh the life with poop. Hee Hee. Anyway, today we go to 3/4 blend mixture and 1/4 pedialyte. Still on the pump to make it slow. By Monday he should be back to regular feeding schedule and volume. I went to the doctor yesterday and have a bronchial something, so am on a horse pill and some cough medicine. I hope it kicks in fast. Hunter left a great big stain on her carpet when she was sick and now i have to figure out how to get it up. I mean it is big and darn brown....I hope I can get it up. I was saving it for the weekend to work on, hoping I would feel better and could handle the smell coming from the spot. Gross huh?
I am off to work today. It will busy and crazy. Todd is taking the day off to be home with Tucker. I want another 5 days or so before we go back to school. I guess there is another kiddo at school that was hospitalized due to tummy stuff as well. Don't need to go back and get it again. So, maybe next Wednesday he can go. He sure misses his buddies there, he will be glad to be back.
Thanks again everyone for everything! It is nice to read the comments that people are checking in on us. It means a lot!!!!! Happy FRIDAY!!!

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