Sunday, March 30, 2008

Being creative....

OK, so today I tried to give Tucker his OWN cup to drink from. Putting only a straw full of liquid in it at a time as not to tip it all the way up and then choke. With only a straw full it is just enough to go into the mouth and not all over the floor....well not too much on the floor anyway. He did pretty well with it.....making sure to get every drop.! We also purchased a 98 cent cantina, plastic that has the pop top like the water bottles that you can buy. Hunter had gotten one the other day and Tucker loves to drink from it. SO, today (at Walmart where else) we found a cheap one that Tuck could handle on his own. We will see. Gotta get this boy taking more liquid by mouth. OH yeah, and this morning he did drink about 10 drinks of chocolate milk from his sippy cup. He has the one that has the straw like top where all he has to do is tip it up and bite on it. He is not a milk drinker so I was very happy-of course I put TONS of chocolate syrup in it.

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