Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines day in review...

We had a great evening of laughs and fun. We ate pizza, ended up with store bought frozen ones. Pizza hut was a 3 hour pick up time and 11pm delivery time!!! YEAH, can you believe that, then Casey's was busy and wouldnt get a clear line to get them to fix one. Pizza shop was 17.00 for a off to the store I went. With the pizza in the oven we started our night with some karaoke on the TV, bingo, twister, "guess who", and more karaoke. The night ended with me past out with Tucker and Todd not getting his message....sorry honey.


Pam said...

Hi there, I just found your site. Tucker is absoutley adorabale!!

We have a little guy who is two who has Down Syndrome. His name is Rhett.

Your life sounds alot like ours, never a dull moment, always some form of chaos going on!!

Anyways, I will be checking up on you again!


Carey said...

That's so sweet, sounds like you guys had a great Valentine's. I love family nights like that. And that's a bonus that your kids still like hanging out as a family! A good looking group you have there, I hope we can actually meet in person someday soon! Take care of that little guy, I'm so sorry he's still sick.