Friday, February 22, 2008

Friends in need...

I have some families that need some prayers. I have a friend (and a follower of our site) who’s cousin had a baby boy about a week ago. William, the little boys name, was born with Downs Syndrome, 5 weeks early and he is fighting for his life. All I really know is is that his lungs are struggling, his oxygen levels are bad and that they sent him to the Children’s hospital in St Louis.
I also have a family that was a great inspiration to me when I found out I was having Tucker, born with Downs. Their daughter, Bailey, was admitted to the hospital in Texas this week for a blood clot in her leg. She has been really sick at home with the flu and pneumonia and started complaining that her leg hurt-it had swollen for some reason. Luckily they had taken her in when they did. She is doing well; they are giving her blood thinners to try to dissolve the clot. How it got there, no one knows. It is all around us, the reality of life and how fragile it can be. Thank you to all of those who follow us and our friends. Prayer is a powerful thing, especially when God hears so many for the same people. Pray Pray Pray

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Karen. It means so much to have you to call on and this wonderful network of friends. Thanks for answering questions and listening. Your friendship means so much! Love ya-Kelly