Friday, February 22, 2008


OK, so yesterday I was off and had appointments all day. In the weather we were getting, it ended up being an all day affair. We started out at 845 to KU Med. to have our Communication Study 3 month review. Tucker was a pill and didn't want to show off at all-looks like he has made no progress with the sessions we are having. We know otherwise but he just didn't want to play with the toys they gave to him. He is not much into LITTLE PEOPLE and making them play on the equipment. I asked for different toys, no go. Anyway, luckily we have these every 3 months and so he might be better next time. UGH. Anyway, from there we met with Candice for our Communication therapy at our preschool. From there we went to Mercy for a 1 o'clock well baby check. We got there about 10 minutes late and sat until 2 o'clock before we got in. I laid all my concerns on the table. He has some bruising, he still has the stuff on his belly, his head seems to have stopped growing, he still has a soft spot, oh yeah and his temper. By temper I mean, the grunting and thrusting his head back and wanting down....the doctor got to see it all. He was quite the pistol. I finally had to put him in my lap and put my arms around him, hold him until he realized he wasn't going to be able to keep it up. (I wanted to scream after the long day already and now he is throwing an ever loving fit to get looked at) Anyway, we did a blood drawl and got our 2ND flu shot. They are going to check his blood counts, the lead count and his thyroid. We see endocrine often but they wanted a count since his soft spot is still not closed. Let's see.....we are going to be referred to a skin doctor for the rash and ENT for a hearing test. He hasn't had one for over a year and we need to make sure all is OK with that.

I stopped by 4H to see Chels and Carey (mom) but they were napping so we left them some pictures. I know how important naps are, especially if you can get one in the hospital. Then we stopped by the PICU and met Bella's mom and dad. She did great through the surgery and is closed and off the heart/lung machine!! Thank goodness. I dropped them pictures as well as Ava. Check them out on the left. Their stories are amazing.

OK, so then I was home at like 500pm. What a day. I am leaving you with pictures of Tucker last night watching his DVD. He finally settled down about 800--before bath, no fussing and grunting. He just wasn't a happy boy yesterday at all.

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