Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a DAY!!

My day started at 400 am ...Tucker was wide awake and ready for signing time videos. UGH. By 430 I decided to make the most of it and read my 3 chapters in the communication book I needed to have read for my final parent ed. class with KU. Well, it was then 530 and I was getting heavy eyed and so was Tucker but he wouldnt give in. So, at 600 I got him dressed and packed his bag for daycare. Took my shower and out the door at 7 for ON TIME WORK DAY!! From there it went OK, had a very productive day at work and accomplished a lot. (For those who dont know my job title/responsibilities changed on the 7th when they let our Admin. go. SOOOO I am doing her job and my job with no time left during the day to do anything and sometimes didnt get done what I should--so needlesstosay the days are busy with phones, payroll, a.r., a.p., quotes, and anything else that is encompassed in my job now.) Anyway, it really makes the time go fast but I am busy ALL DAY. I get off at 5, pick up Tucker and get home around 10 minutes til 6pm. I am tired, had put chicken in the crock pot for dinner to have chicken tostados--yeah well, ended up eating the chicken on 1/2 a taco shell because I didnt get to stop to get tostado shells. THEN it was Hunter and I and we ate standing at the counter waiting for her ride to church. She left at 620 and my appointment with KU showed up at 630. Appointment was done at 730 and Tucker is red from skooting around the floor, darn chapped skin. SOOO, we head to the bath to soften the skin and lotion up. At 830 we head to church to pick up sissy, she isnt done til 900 and Tucker passes out as soon as we hit the the end of the driveway. Stop and get gas (70.00 freaking dollars to fill the darn tank!!) and a BIG cappacinno and head home. It is now 930. I have to make Tuckers "blender" of food and get him tube fed and meds before I can think about heading to bed. By this time I am so fit to be tied ---hence the post now. When is it again that I can have me time ??? Now at 1030 pm when I have been up since 430 and going? When is it I can grocery shop or get my hair done? And IF I can get out to do those things can I go by MYSELF!!!! Tomorrow brings not much different than today, actually not many days are much different. Todd and I both, up and to work, home and to bed, with appointments in between. He is home during the day and leaves for work when I get home. He has been attending ball games on Tues/Thurs nights for Brett and works the weekend. I am home the weekends doing the "wifey" things we wives should do and the motherly things. I did go and earn some extra money last weekend at my moms-cleaning her house. DEEP CLEANING. As we all know I am a stickler for clean, hence she calls me to do hers. (Love you mom) When you spend 70.00 to fill a gas tank- extra money is scarce.
I have rambled enough. I have pictures to download but the darn computer wont work for some reason. I have an adorable video of Tucker doing his new found dance moves--shaking his booty literally. I will have Todd figure it out so I can get it on here. I hope you all sleep well. I am going to finish Tuckers feed and hit the hay myself.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said... repeat!

kudos to you, but sheesh i was tired just reading that post! hope the end of this week slows down a little.