Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doctor appointment

OK, went to the doctor last night instead of waiting until tonight. Dr. Brewer didn't want to wait. I am just going to stop listening to people who think I overreact when it comes to my son because the spots are NOT chicken pox. He has either a form of strep or a bacterial infection that has come out in a rash. It could have started because of his mic key button they are not sure. They are not sure if he could have had the pox and one got infected and now we have a bacterial rash infection or what. The good thing is is that the rash is on his belly that has been covered up. Therefore not exposing it to anyone other than those who change a diaper or bath him.
This is one of these times when I could just kick myself. I even made the trip to Mercy North when the spots started back two weeks ago. Went inside and everything, asked if they could look at it to tell me if it looked like pox. Then I didn't want to wait and went home because without being seen they couldn't tell me. I should have went and got official diagnosis back then because Tucker is miserable now. He was up every hour last night, cant breathe. IF I would have gone earlier maybe he wouldn't be so miserable now and could have nipped it in the bud. Oh well, live and learn AGAIN!!!! Man, you would think I would follow my gut with everything we have been through and go immediately instead of waiting. NEVER AGAIN, I will go and be not an ounce of embarrassed for them to tell me it is nothing and to go home.
On another note. I pulled some of my old high school stuff out....I was a star back in the day. Not really a star but I could shoot some hoop that is for sure. I wanted to show it to Hunter. My coach made all the Seniors a book with stats, newspaper clippings and all kinds of stuff for us to have...that was very nice now that I look at it. I had to show Todd that I was a pretty good player back in the day-ya know with Brett doing so darn well at the game. It is fun to remember those times....Hunter told me I looked like 12 in my senior picture. Yeah well, that was before gray hair and the wrinkles around the eyes...oh yeah and 2 kids!! It was fun to read the clippings, I didn't even know half of the stuff that was written about our team back then. I just played the game.


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I myself found it strange that you hadn't taken him, but I am glad you did and hopefully he will recover soon. Don't dwell on it too much.

Angel Gabi's Mommy said...

Poor guy! Don't beat yourself up though, I would be so much more of a mess if I think about all the things I'd of done differently. You did the right thing now and that is all that matters. Tucker is a strong little guy with a ton of fight in him!
We will say an extra prayer for his quick recovery of the uckies! I will send Gabi his way she likes helping her little buddies:)