Friday, December 07, 2007


Tucker is big enough now to sit in his frog chair without it engulfing him. Here he is watching his signing times video. He loves these DVD's. There is lots of music and kids signing different words. He imitates them every once in a while. He watches these in the mornings while we do stuff around the house-good entertainment for him. We are hoping the repetitive watching will help him learn some signs.

I have to say. I had this chair put away thinking he would never sit in it and stay there. That was until the other day at daycare I went to pick him up and when I got there, Tucker was sitting watching a movie with the other kids in a chair!! YUP, my son. Not only that he lays on a cot at nap time and goes right to sleep for them!! YUP, my son. He doesnt do that for us, never could I lay him down and say time for nap and he would just lay there and fall asleep. Man, I might have to find one of those cots and see if he would do that at home. I am glad that he is such a good boy at school for the teachers and kids.

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