Thursday, December 06, 2007

Food Food Food..

Food…we all think of it, well everyone but my son. This picture is of the food we are now putting in a blender, along with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. He gets this through his feeding tube via syringe. His pump will not pump this liquid as it is too thick. We started this regime 2 weeks ago with adding a meat, veggie and ½ fruit to his already 2 pediasure and 2 milk. He gained a whopping 3 oz. over that time. This new “blender food” gives him the calories he was getting plus some of actual food instead of milk. His head hasn’t grown in about 6 months, his weight has gone down….we needed to try something else. So here it is. It is a pain to syringe it but much faster than the pump which took 40 minutes each time we fed him. This is day 2 of the new regime so we are still learning and testing the water of what Tucker will tolerate. So far so good. The only thing that has happened is the hiccups. I think that is because we can push the food in so fast now and be done with 8 oz in about 2 min. The goal, as my nutritionist thinks Tucker has a milk allergy still, is to get him off so much milk and get him onto food. She thinks in turn this will help him gain weight and also clear his junky sinus up. I am not so optimistic about the sinus clearing, I do however think it will help him gain some weight and maybe make him hungrier to take things by mouth in between-I am hopeful anyway.
Had Tuckers IFSP today with his therapists, teachers and our Missouri First Steps Rep. It went very well. They all had good things to say and good ideas for us to work on as a collective group. We are adding yet another person to do some social interaction therapy with Tucker. I know, I know ANOTHER THERAPIST!! The more the merrier!! This person will help Tucker learn to play nice, take turns, and interact with others. Let’s see that makes our “intervention team” 6 strong. This new therapy comes at a good time because in MARCH, yeah MARCH, we meet with the school. OMG—school, yup, the March meeting will be to get testing started for Tucker as he will be attending school in SEPTEMBER…. OMG, did I SAY SEPTEMBER!!! WOW, and I thought it was so far off. The school bus will pick him up and bring him home and everything. My little boy is growing up. It is sad, stressful and exciting all at once.

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