Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Recap-Pictures later

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. We sure did. Todd’s mom and Grandma came to stay Sunday through last night. Brett and Sheena and Brad (Sheena’s boyfriend) came up yesterday around noon. They ended up staying the night and heading home this morning. We were grateful they made the time to come up and spend the day with us. We played cards and ate WAY TOO MUCH!! My mom and sister came by and had Christmas brunch with us and opened some gifts. Tucker and Hunter cleaned up, well so did Sheena. Brett gave us 3 things or so that he wanted so his pile was MUCH smaller than the others but he didn’t mind since the rest was made up with cash. He is out of work and needs MONEY. (what teenager doesn’t) Sheena has made plans to come and stay with us in Jan for a few days. It means a lot to us that she is making time to come this way. I know it takes a lot to get to us (2 hours in the car one way) but we sure do love to see her and spend time. I am going to take the day off since Tucker is in school so we can go and see a movie or something fun while she is here.
I have lots of pictures to post so I will try to get them downloaded tonight. I have a few video clips as well. Tucker got a Chicken dance Elmo from Hunter and he dances with him…tooo FUNNY. He is also taking more and more steps on his own. I have yet to get it on film but everyone got to enjoy his steps this weekend as he was trying to do it all the time. He was soooo very good while we had a house full of company. He was smiles and played well. He got so tickled with Grannie (91 yo.) when she would smooch him on the cheeks. He would pull back and then put his face back up to hers so she would do it again. His laugh lightens my heart. Hunter got her ipod from her dad and some anatomy books. We got her a coat, perfume, Grey’s Anatomy 3, MU Blanket, eye shadow, duffel bag, clothes and some odds and ends. I got Todd a beer brewing kit and Guitar Hero III. He got me a pair of boots and a coat.
The best part of the day….when Tucker was in his jammies and Brett got on the floor with him and they laid on a pillow together. I have always felt that maybe Tucker and Brett and Sheena wouldn’t be close. Todd sees them much more than we do, just because of the circumstances-I am home with Tucker so Todd can go to ball games without having to deal with him or the chance he might get sick or he is sick kind of thing. It made me feel a little tug at my heart when Brett got on the floor and patted the pillow he was laying on and Tucker joined right in…..big steps are made in little moments.

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Killlashandra said...

Thank you for sending me the wonderful paper and envelopes. I completely understand how life gets away from you. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I can relate to the playing cards and eating way to much. It's so hard not too. ;) We're big rummie players but my husband always seems to take all.

That's a wonderful little moment. W.W. does something similar too. He likes to lay on the floor on a pillow and then decides he wants company and asks you to lay down with him too and share his pillow. :)