Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Site Look

OK, I have been playing around and have decided on this pocka dot for now...was in the mood to switch it up. I hope everyone enjoys the new look.
I am taking Hunter to school for an hour in the am to get her homework and see some friends before the two week Christmas break. OMG, you would have thought she would be happy but NO, all I got was grief. She wants to go and stay all day or half a day or an hour without me there. UGH...there is now winning with this girl. She doesn't understand that she needs to continue to get better that she can just as easily be sick again very quickly. Oh well, I can be the mean mom pretty good these days. One day, maybe she will understand and thank me. HA, I can only dream.
Tucker cried most the night tonight. I am not sure what is going on with him. I am taking him in at 130 to see the Doctor to ensure all is OK and we are not missing anything. We don't want to take any chances with what Hunter had. I am over cautious anyway, and probably a little more so now. He still has the green slime coming from the nose, still no fevers though. Probably nothing and I am wasting my time and the Doctors...but I will feel better going into the long Holiday weekend. We will be home the entire 4 days so that will give us additional "recovery" time for everyone to get over colds and just feel a little better. I hope to get some new pictures of Tucker. He is taking 3-4 steps by himself-not for us but for the therapist he does. (of course) I hope to work on some stuff playfully this weekend and get some good photos and video. (A bunch of Christmas morning also.) Brett and Sheena and Todd's mom and Grandma are coming here for Christmas instead of us going there which will be nice with all the hub-bub around here.
I hope everyone has a safe, joyful, family filled Holiday!

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