Monday, November 05, 2007

Just tidbits...

I know that a lot of my “followers” got used to me posting every day, I personally am glad not to post every day. Finding the time and something new to talk about really is hard at times.
This weekend was busy. We were on the hunt for basketball shoes. Finally found some yesterday at Legends in Kansas. The Nike outlet there is pretty neat. The whole shopping experience is pretty cool out there. I missed my calling in life, SHOPPER! I like to find the bargains and feel such accomplishment when I do.
We got our flu shots on Saturday. Tucker will get his tomorrow night. Friday night Hunter had a fall festival at her school for which I volunteered. I don’t get to do as much with her anymore, she is getting older and I am just overloaded (in my mind anyway). It isn’t cool to hang with mom or have mom at every function… her attitude is that of a “know it all” teenager and irritates me a lot. I really don’t think I was like that with my parents, she just really goes through emotions…..”emo” as I was told this weekend. “she is being EMO”. YUP, I had to ask-how uncool am I.
Tucker was accepted into the Early Communication Study with KU Medical Center. We go back today for his finally testing before the intervention starts. We also find out how many times he will receive this intervention per week. I am excited to be a part of the study-I might not say that in a few weeks if we are chosen for 5 times a week…every night, but I will suck it up and be ready and willing. It is free and it helps Tucker….enough said.
Todd was off work around 500 last night so it was nice to have dinner and hang out. ( We even got to go to a bon fire at my brothers house on Saturday night together.) Now that it is off season at the park, Todd gets to work a few day shifts and we could actually go OUT ON A DATE!!! YUP, dating…OMG. I wouldn’t know how to act or what to wear for sure. I am a home body and love to sit in my jammies-a lot of times I don’t get out of them on the weekends. (I feel sorry for Toddy, I am not much to look at especially on the weekends) I sure am lucky he isn’t picky… :)
OK, why can’t we leave the time ALONE!!!! This new time change is kicking my butt and Tucker’s but in a few days it should be OK. I am OLD….an hour time change and I am thrown off? What is that about? Man.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I know that I enjoyed seeing you post more often, but if there's nothing going on then what is there to write about right? Good Job for October and maybe with the holidays coming up you will find more to write about.