Wednesday, October 31, 2007


WOW—Just got a message from Vicki at Platte County Board of Services for the Developmentally Disabled (she used to be with Kansas City Regional Center as Tucker’s representative) and GUESS WHAT!!!!???? Tucker got additional funding for the upcoming year for “care” assistance. What does that mean? It means that Tucker can continue receiving services through Northland Early Education Center and they will pay for 7 days a month. Just when you think there is no rainbow,,,,,A POT OF GOLD shows up! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Vicki, for your hard work and for putting a face in front of the board—Tucker’s face.

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Anonymous said...

No, thank you! I am so happy to see such a sweet little boy doing so well and making such huge developmental strides! Parenting is so challenging in itself, but when a child has special needs the struggles are sometimes overwhelming. Karen and Todd, Kudos to you for the life you have given Tucker, every little step you have taken together, every hospital/doctor visit, the shift changes, etc....I don't know how you do it. I have poured over your blogspot last night and this morning. What a reflection! I have truly enjoyed all those little things that puts Tucker's whole picture into perspective! Thanks for sharing! My job can be frustrating and disappointing a lot of the time, but your family is what makes my job so rewarding!!! Vicki Tharp