Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mercy Visit (Entry #30)

Well, Tucker and I headed to Mercy this morning when he woke up with NO MIC KEY BUTTON ATTACHED!!! OMG. No telling how long it was out, we know it was long enough not to be able to slide one back in on our own. SOOO, to ER we went. Luckily it did not close completely but it was very painful for Tucker to have them put it back in. They ended up stretching his opening and getting it in…no pain killer for Tuck though. He was hurting so and I felt so badly. We are always careful with the button, making sure it is full and tight.
We had to have an x-ray done also to ensure it was placed correctly and was going to empty into his belly like it should, it does and we are good. Well, Tuck is in pain but other than that we are good. Tylenol is helping. His belly is really red around the site of the button and had some blood but I think we will survive. He put his hands on my neck and laid his head on my shoulder as soon as I picked him up off the exam table….that is Tuck’s way of saying, “I will be alright, I am in mom’s arms now.”

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