Thursday, October 18, 2007

The great escape (Entry #17)

This is Tucker's "cage" while I post most nights. He HATES it and as you can see it wont be long before he makes the escape. He has learned to hike that leg to get up things and tonight he got up on the BIG couch. YUP, the limber, loose hips help him get that leg WAY up where it shouldnt be. We already have the bumps and bruises of a true toddler...we dont need broken legs and heads to boot. (gotta really watch him now-he knows no fear)
I signed Tuck up for some additional intervention stuff. Logan's mom, our NEEC friend, gave us a pamplet on a study that KU Med is doing on how intervention at different levels effects children with learning disabilites. We qualify and we will have to go to KU in 2 weeks to do an initial visit. Then we will get parenting classes, at the house, and Tucker will get therapies and intervention anywhere from one to five more times a week from KU with no cost to us. YEAH!!! The determination of how much intervention they will do will be the luck of the draw, we will at least get one visit by could be up to five a week. They will go to his daycare or come to the house--even on the evenings!! OH YEAH!! I am so greatful for Logan's mom for thinking of us. Tuck, a few more months, would not be eligible because of his age....but we made it under the wire (28 mo. is the cut off). It will go for 15 months...which will put him into school...OMG, school...IEP's, teachers, kids,,,,,OM OM OM!!! Here I thought that was a long way off....not so much.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

At least you can get Tucker in it. Izabel never played in a playpen. I think I tried it once outside but she wanted nothing to do with it. She was even little, not even standing.