Monday, September 03, 2007


OK, I found the time (about 30 minutes) to make a craft with Hunter and work in her scrapbook. I decided that I could at least keep up with her "school" book since this was a new year. So, I did what I could in it to start her 7th grade year. WOW--how the time has flown. I have attached a picture of the "alarm kritter" we made. It turned out pretty cute. The time shows through the mouth and all the alarm buttons are behind the kritter. Very easy craft.
We did a lot of nothing during this long weekend. Todd worked and we ran around. Tuck and I went to Lathrop to see my family on Saturday night after Red Barn Farm. Hunter went to the T-Bones game with Hunter Purdoodle. We got Tuck's picture taken at JC Penney today (Monday-Memorial day) He did terrific and the pictures show it. We even got pictures of BOTH dimples. I will post a scanned copy when I get them back on the 12th. Other than that, we had friends over tonight for taco's and some catching up and I actually got to have lunch with Alisha on Friday and Carla today. YEAH!! Now if I can get in a date with my husband, I will feel kinda normal.
Hunter has her first volleyball game tomorrow night and then every Tues/Thursday night until mid October. Then it is on to basketball season!!

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