Thursday, September 06, 2007

Birthday Ideas

A few of you have inquired on things to get Tucker for his birthday. Here are few suggestions. There is a website that has some therapy tools that we could really use. If you go to this site, on the left side is a subtitle of Toys, under that we could use the following things. W34215 (5.00), W34218 (6.00), W6511 (14.00) OR there is an awareness box under Sensory on that same site that is 36.00 it has all of these three items plus several other things. The item code is W9490. Tucker loves books, make them cardboard or foam. There are some great books out that have texture parts in them..i.e: fuzzy, bumpy, sticky, stuff like that. A full length mirror would be another great gift for mirror play. They are 6.00 at Wal-Mart, just the cheap full length that I could put on the wall for him to stand and play. Peg puzzles, books on tape, the Crayola color wonder paper and pens, paint brushes that are color wonder also-that way he doesn’t get it all over, tablet of paper-the big ones that go on an easel. He is in 24 month to 2 T shirts and 24 month pants.
I do ask that if you get the stuff from Flaghouse, please post a comment on this post so that everyone doesn’t get the same thing. I wouldn’t be able to return the items that we got duplicates on. You can post as anonymous.
Thank you everyone in advance for everything. These types of things will help us advance Tucker in his therapies, fine motor especially.


Anonymous said...

After looking over this site, I have a few suggestions for those wishing to buy. I didn't see a TOYS link, however if you type the product code in the search bar of the Flaghouse site, the item will pop up and you can order from there.

Anonymous said...

I have bought the W9490 box of toys.

Anonymous said...

4 chunky peg puzzles have been bought.