Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun in the sun

Tuck and Hunter and I found time to hang at the pool today for a few hours. Tucker fell asleep in his stroller so I got to soak up some rays while he snoozed in the shade. He loves to float in his raft and throw the water balls, making big splashes.
I have posted other pictures here also. Tucker and his favorite pal, daddy. Also some of Tucker as I am trying to get a picture of him, of course as soon as he sees the camera he is off and rolling to come half head shots are the norm right now. He is cutting two more teeth, which could explain the fever and cranky boy syndrome that he has come into. We only have 3 teeth to go before he has them all. He signs "thank you" now and we are still working on "please". He is just so darn cute.

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