Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy weekend

I did a lot of canning this weekend. I made dill beans and salsa. Man, I love the salsa. I ended up with 13 jars, pint jars, and that will not even touch what we will go through. We will give that many away to people who want some.....that is IF I make more, which I probably will. It is a good and easy recipe. I need to share it so I dont have to provide everyone salsa. :) I dont mind, I enjoy being "domestic mom/wife". My feet hurt though from standing in the kitchen on the hard floor all weekend. I must have done 6 loads of dirty stuff, between jars, utensils and dirty pots/pans.
Todd has the fence done, all but the gate. He worked on getting the last half done this past week. Hunter was a great help watching Tuck while Todd worked outside on it. She does very well with him....he loves to play with her and dance with her.

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