Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Starts

Hunter's last day of school was Friday the 25th. And so starts the busy summer. Hunter is attending her very first Basketball camp. It began today from 11-1pm. The funny thing, the coach was my back in High School. Yeah, I am getting old. She wants to try out for basketball this next school year. She is a good little ball handler, needs some stamina for running up and down the court without losing wind but that will come as she practices. I hope she makes it.
We leave for Bryant Family Reunion on Friday. It is at Bennett Springs this year. This will be the first time much of the Bryant's will meet Tuck. We are excited to see everyone. From there we are heading to Tuscon to see Aunt Amy and Uncle Aaron's family while staying in Grampa Tuckers house. He is overseas again with his job so his house is being rented out as a vacation home....thank goodness for family. Besides the gas, should be a rather laid back, inexpensive trip. This will be Tucker's first vacation and 19 hour road trip.....we may need to be committed to a mental hospital when we get back but live and learn!
Just a few new things to comment on. I had a three day weekend with the Holiday and Tuck and I worked on cruising. He went from the couch to my shoulder a few times and from a toy he was standing at to my shoulder. Mind you this is only a few movements of the feet but something that is a MAJOR accomplishment for us. He also started signing "music". He loves for me to sing to him. He has done "more" for some time but the "music" part just started. Doesn't matter what kind of voice I have (I cannot carry a tune-unlike my father)as long as I am singing. And songs, doesn't matter, can be made up or I could be carrying on a conversation with someone -as long as I sing the words,he is happy. Ticked off? Sing it and all is good. Words that don't make any sense when I try to rhyme, doesn't matter. He loves me and my singing anyway. What a guy....I sing off tune, don't make a bit of sense and sometimes just hum and he loves me still. Now that is true love!

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