Thursday, May 17, 2007

Date in History

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Tucker's 2nd heart surgery. Man, how the time has flown. Also on that day, Tucker attended his very first day of Preschool/Daycare. He did wonderful!!! No mom, no dad, just kids and lots of things to do. I took pictures, of course, him getting in the car, him when I dropped him off and him fast asleep with kids playing around him when I picked him up. I cried when I dropped him off, he has come so far and now he is grown up and becoming independent already. He self soothed (yeah he never does that at home) he took 3 naps and fell asleep without being rocked. This could turn out to be a great thing!! He will attend Northland Early Education Center on Wednesday from now until cold and flu season again. We will re-evaluate it at that time to see how things go...we dont want him sick all the time with the daycare setting.
We are so very proud of him, he works so hard all the time. The little things we do without a thought.....he will do with great determination.

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