Sunday, April 08, 2007

Little Update

Tucker started waving "hi and Bye" this weekend. He turns his hand towards his face so he can watch. His is a hand motion, open close open close, not a side to side wave. It is sooooo darn cute. Hunter is on Spring Break until the 16th. I am sure Todd will welcome the extra hands this week while home with them both. Hunter is really good with Tuck but tires of him and his "whining and screaming" quickly. She can actually calm him if Todd and I are not available and can even get him to sleep. He is growing so fast. Almost crawling.. so darn close you can taste it. He has a follow up with endrocrin this week, we will see where he is on the growth charts. He ate biscuits and gravy this morning and did wonderfully. He even got to have baked beans-which he also loved- from Smoke House BBQ.
We are so blessed.....he is doing so wonderful. He seems to add something AWESOME every day. It is hard to believe that he is the same baby as the picture above. How he has changed, grown and become such a handsome young man!!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the Frog chair!!!

Love Aunt Kelly