Monday, April 09, 2007

Dietitian Update

Tuck saw the Dietitian/Nutritionist today. He gained 13 oz!!! (In two weeks) YUP, the heavy cream worked along with his increased mouth feedings. He has been taking things very well. He had something yesterday, however, that broke him out all over his legs and tummy. I think it was probably the meringue from the coconut cream pie that I had yesterday. He ate all of it from my slice of pie. LOVED IT!! I do remember when he was younger he had a reaction to eggs in a baby food. We will watch it, make sure it goes away and try later.
So, official weight is 23 pounds 7 oz. We are to add a chewable vitamin to his medicine each day to give him the vitamins he is lacking with the decreased formula. We almost have him completely off Neocate!!! YEAH. A feat that has taken months and months to ween off of.

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