Thursday, January 25, 2007

Girls night

Hunter and I went with some friends, Krissa and Taylor Hartman, to the High School Musical Concert Tuesday night at Kemper Arena. What a night! It was sold out, kids everywhere, screaming, high pitched sqweals--OMG. There was not a kid there that didnt know every single word to every single song that was sung. I must say, even as a big kid, I enjoyed myself. Thanks girls for going and making it a great night!!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a night you girls had. I wonder Tucker is? Probably with his wonderful dad. I bet he took the day off so he could stay at home with Tucker so you girls could go out and play. What a man. There are plenty of us girls who wish we had a guy like that.

Anonymous said...

omg guess what my reading teacher wnet to that to lol how funny. so how was it well ill talk to u later!! luv u all

<3 Samantha lynn