Thursday, January 25, 2007

First Timers

Tucker continues to do things for the first time. He is starting to clap now, he gets excited and throws his hands together, we still lack the open hands though for the clapping noise. He recognizes himself in the mirror. He tries to grab for things as he is passing by. Whether he is in your arms, or in his walker, he is grabbing for door knobs on the cabinets, your hair, or whatever is just out of reach. ALL of these things are big deals! Progress.
These pictures are of first timers also. We took a bath in the kitchen sink for the first time. HE LOVED IT. The floor was soaking wet when he was done. A little tub that he could feel secure in, I should have tried it earlier. There are also pictures of him trying a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. Again, he LOVED it.
We did not get the slot for the waiver for him this go around.( this was talked about a few blogs ago about getting help with Neocate and things that are not covered under insurance) We were put on the waiting list, which is a good thing, but we are not sure how long the wait is. Sometimes, I am told, it could be years. We are bummed but am glad to be on the waiting list.

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