Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hard to believe less than 30 days before school...

Summer trips, long days of HOT sun, sleepovers with friends, going nonstop......is almost over for another year. WOW, how it has flown. Here I thought we had all kinds of time to finish summer projects, to get caught up and organized before the NEW school year. And now July is almost over and Junior Year for Hunter and Kindergarten for Tucker now stare me in the face.

We are still not potty trained...but we sure have grown our communication skills! Mimicking every word, nice or not. OHHH from the mouth of babes. :)

Hunter has worked pretty much all summer. She watches Tuck on Tuesdays but other than that she has been working or playing hard. She attended our "stay cation" with us after deciding after we had already reached our destination that she wanted to be there and felt she was missing out....a good feeling to know she would rather be with the family hanging out in the camper, making memories that will soon be just that....memories. Two more years at home and she will head out to school and NEVER look back. I will be lucky to see here at Holidays when she gets her freedom. She is so eager to start life outside of "home".

We almost have the basement done....after 5 years!!!! WOW. We finally hired someone to finish it as Todd and I were lost in all the mud/tape/and sanding of sheetrock. We definately made more work for the poor guy finishing it up for us. It should be ready for paint next week...just in time to get Hunter into her new room before school--we hope anyway.

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Jenna said...

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