Monday, April 11, 2011


I am so far behind on blogging and updating everyone. Time flies, as we all know.

Lets see. Hunter turned 16yo this past week! She is now driving and had a ROCKIN' sweet 16 party, even if she didn't say so in so many words. Her theme was Club-16. We had black lights and strobe lights and wallpapered the entire place in black paper, she painted with reflective colors, we made STAFF shirts, we had a bouncer, we had a bar for refreshments, a DJ....we had it all and it turned out rather great.

Saturday we got to meet Rachel Coleman from Signing time. Tucker was excited at first then was ready to move on to more exciting things. He kinda got lost in the concert with the chatting, he loved the music though. It was good to meet her, she is such an AWESOME person! We wish Alex and Leah were there as well,,,,but I know they are all grown up now and probably sooo over the traveling thing.

We are looking forward to summer! The basement is almost completely sheetrock'd...ok, so only took 5 years to get this far. We are skipping the June vacation to Tuscon for now so we can get the basement complete. We are thinking possibly going later in the summer or even around the Holidays. Tucker has summer school until July 1. Then school starts back on August 17th, for which he will be a FULL TIME KINDERGARDEN STUDENT!!! OMG. WOW. Full days with adventure club after. We will be giving up our NEEC spot as of August 12th. Tucker will miss his friends there so much. They have had such a part in Tucker's developement and success...WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!

We will be having a graduation ceremony in June some time for him. Graduating from NEEC, going onto big school and out of Pre-k. Cap and gown, the whole works. Very exciting. I am working on a gift for all our special teachers/therapists and helpers for our good byes. (Kim I will be getting ahold of you for help :)

Thank you everyone for being so patient with the updates.

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