Thursday, February 03, 2011

Valentines for Tuck's teachers.....

Well, I am at it again. Finding something for Tucker's teachers and therapist's that I haven't done before and that is "cute" and one of a kind. Nothing too big, but something to say "we love you". This is what I found....cute right.

I am doing the candy sundea's again this year. So this weekend and next will be busy, which is what I LOVE!! I just love to do crafts, it relaxes me and gives my mind a much needed burst. I plan on getting back to Tucker's scrapbook of his preschool years too. So close to being caught up in it that I dont want to slack too much.

Tucker is watching Toy Story 2 tonight.....I cannot believe it but we have not seen him since it started. He is not much for change especially when it comes to straying from Jacks Big music show and Little Bear....but hey, I am game for some variety.

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