Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another one bites the dust.....

Although a good song, the senerio in real life SUCKS!!! Another car is down and out. First the van with its Hunter's car, which I was driving back and forth while the van was out of commission, is out with an ignition problem. Money that is spent before we have it, money that is for other things but gets detoured to the RIGHT NOW things that go wrong.

It seems just when you can breathe, you see light....WHAMMIE!!!! Right in the kisser.

I am thankful though....I need to see the good in this senerio right? One...I have two vehicles that CAN break down, two....we have money to fix the cars, even if it was to be used elsewhere.

Sometimes it is hard to remember how truly blessed we are...but we truly , truly are.

1 comment:

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