Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spoiled kids...?

A good friend of ours told us last night that we raise our kids "spoiled rotten". This coming from someone who has NO kids and says he could not be with a "heavier" girl. ( he does admit that he is shallow) HMMMMMM and why am I upset? He infuriates me sometimes!!!!!

We will see if he ever gets married, has kids or is ever happy with life!!!


Anonymous said...

After all you and your kids have been through....they TOTALLY deserve to be spoiled ROTTEN!!!!! You just keep on doin what you doin cause you got a GREAT thing going on with your family!!!!

And Cole says if you get tired of spoiling your own kids....he likes to be spoiled rotten too so you can send some his way...LOL!!!!

Teresa & Cole

Anonymous said...

Whatever!! And I have a feeling I know who this is.. LOL.


Miss Lisa said...

People who don't have kids of their own shouldn't judge what they think about yours. Keep on doing the great job of being a awesome mom!