Thursday, August 19, 2010

AWE.....first day and 6 cavitites later....

Hunter had her first day of school this week and Tucker went to his first dental appointment. And, as the title states, 6 cavities....SIX!! All in the front and, of course, will require a surgery room for sedation to get them filled. He was not cooperative--big surprise right. They are going to put some sealant in his back teeth and check everything out while they have him under. He will get x-rays of his teeth and a good cleaning while under as well. The catch, no opening until Jan 2011. Dental surgery is not on top priority...which really is OK with me. I am not real happy about having to have a surgery room to have his teeth fixed, I really thought we were out of the surgery rooms for a long while.

Tucker starts school this next Monday. We have the backpack ready, supplies bought, new shoes and our outfit picked out. Hunter has a year full of challenge classes. I am not sure what she is thinking. She has chemistry, Spanish 2, algebra 2, English 2, and some other tough classes. She is watching kids each day after school and is still working on the weekends for a few hours. She got her hair cut and colored, eyebrows done and was ready for this year. As much as I hate it, she will be on her own before I blink. We had a rough end of the year last year, rough summer too but have come around to being on the same page again. I really hate being a "mean mom" but sometimes you just have to do it...the results were worth it.

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