Sunday, July 25, 2010

Enjoying BBQ....home smoked

Todd got a smoker for Fathers Day this year and BOY OH BOY does it make some darn good ribs!!! Today we did some baby back ribs and here is Tuck enjoying them. He loves ribs, well that and any other kind of meat that is. He fits the stereotype of "give me meat and nothing else" that most men do.

I know I have said this over and over again on this site...but this boy amazes me each and every day. Each day there is a new word and we pee on the potty quite a bit now, but have kinda let him set the time always it is Tucker time around here.

He is sitting beside me now, repeating the words to Shrek 2 as he watches it. He is waving and saying HI to everyone that is waving to Princess Theona as she comes into town to see her parents......and not letting go of his ribs!
I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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