Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long overdue UPDATE......

Tucker is growing so fast. I have been wanting to post and just haven't taken the time to sit and do it. I sat here last night, changing the scenery a little and reading last years posts. Reading them brings back so many feelings, a flood of emotion from a time that seems so long ago. Seeing Tucker when we came home, his chubby cheeks with his dark hair and uni brow. The look in his eyes....the amount of meds he was on and the strength that this boy has. Today you would never know, until he shows you his belly.

Tucker is talking so much now, mimic anything he wants. It is hard to order drive through because he is yelling what he wants from the back seat. (of course it is ALWAYS burber, ies, diet coke ice please) He is jumping, not very far but he is getting off the ground. He can do a somersault, does "rosey" (ring around the rosey), he can count to 10!!!! He can dance with the best of them and will mimic the moves you are doing, but mostly it is round and round in circles and stomping his feet. He walks to the bus by himself in the mornings, tells everyone good morning and has to give hugs and kisses before I can leave the bus steps. He loves books and his cars, of course. I am trying to get him to kick above water when we are swimming, bought a board for him to hold on to to try. (we have been holding on to the steps at the pool but the next step is really close and I am afraid he will whack it with his belly since his kicking right now is a worm thing, belly out, butt up, belly in then butt up again-no legs involved at all---cute though) He loves the pool, not jumping in on his own yet though...however we can throw him from one person to the other as long as we dont let him go tooooo far under the water. The dogs are his best friends. Used to be he would yell for them but they couldnt get near...now he lays on them. He loves fruit and salad. He is definitely a MEAT eater. Beef and chicken, unless you are offering steak for dinner...then it is STEAK. He is the most polite little boy I know. Always a please, thank you, your welcome, HI, kisses and hugs all around. He says excuse me....oh and the not so nice things like, MOVE, stop, cut it out (his own version of that), and the newest word...NOW! I about fell over the other day when he told me to do something NOW. He now walks up the stairs without hands and one step at a time. He runs and we are working on coming down the stairs without holding on. He loves to "fold" the laundry. (it is cute to see him do his version of folding and throwing the clothes to the side as if to put them in a pile like we do) He can sit and fold the same load of laundry for hours....if Tucker is missing he is usually at the top of the stairs folding laundry.

Gosh.....I think I have touched on most everything. We (actually my sister) got him a tricycle that we can push and steer while he learns to use the pedals. Start getting him used to what it takes to pedal....then we need to learn to steer. UGH, we ride the power wheels and he doesnt pay attention at all...I have to run along side of him and turn before he hits something, to him that is the funniest thing ever. He gets to laughing so hard......a hard belly laugh he almost falls off the thing. (we ride in the grass, dont worry)

Hunter is working now. A few hours a week at Subway. She really, really wants a car!! Soon she will have more than her permit and I will have to give in and let the reigns go a little bit more....OHHHH how that hurts my heart a little.

Me and Todd? Well, work as usual and the house duties. Staining/waterproofing the deck, mowing,,,,you know the routine.

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Kim K said...

Love you Tucker!!!