Monday, May 24, 2010


I havent been able to get to many recently but I did get to go this past Saturday. And I found the bargain of the month. I had been looking to get a Power Wheel for Tuck but wasnt sure he could steer and use the foot petal. I, well actually my sister, found this for $10.00, battery and charger included. (I was with my sister when she spotted it) SO, it runs, the battery works and it is in great shape. I ordered some replacement tires just because the ones on it are broke in one spot which caused them to collapse making a flat place on them, so it wobbles, which could be lived with for sure. ( Harleys are rough rides anyway right) hee hee
But the replacement tires were 9.00 each x2 and we are still under $30.00!!!! (I know, great price right..) And TUCKER loves it! We need to work on keeping our foot on the petal and steering but as long as we have wide open spaces to practice in we will be good. I will post some video footage soon of him.

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