Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tucker update....

I have been pretty bad at updating on Tucker. I have found that going back on the blog to see what was happening at what stages of his life has been very handy for my scrap booking. I need to keep doing this and am going to try do better.

Where to start. As we all know, he now knows his name and can point to himself and say it. He can go around the room and say who is there. He walks up and down the stairs one foot at a time now and has learned to slide down them on his bottom for faster arrival time. He continues to play with cars and loves his books. We are finally up to size 3 pants and size 4 shirts. We also recently moved him up to size 8 shoes. He can do and understands a lot of what we ask him. He puts his shoes away or gets them for us. He still requires one of us to lay down with him at nap or night night time. He is starting to feel some sensation when he pees in his diaper, however it is still after he goes, but progress. I bought some training pants but haven't done too much to push it just yet.

We go tomorrow to Jackson County Board of services to have Tucker participate in a public service announcement TV commercial. He will be in the I am a Son segment. (yeah)

He is talking more and more recognizable words. He now says, YES (accenting the S at the end), he requests what to watch on TV, he takes his trash to the trash can, he says yogurt, pizza, cereal, peanut butter, chicken, cheeseburger, fries, corn dog, pudding, milk, bath, shower, grandma, ,,,there are so many more. He will attempt any word out of the blue and more often then not it sounds like it.
We are only on two medicines, a dose of lasix and his thyroid med. Can you believe it? WOW. We came home from Boston on so many...down to the last one to wean off. He will always, more than likely, need the thyroid med.
I just cant get over how much my little boy has grown. He has been through so much. It all seems a blur looking back.....I cant wait to see what the next years have in store.

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Miss. Lisa said...

What an awesome update. So many positive things going on in "Tuckers World". I'm sure you and your family are more than thrilled to see his positive progress. Keep up the good work Mom and Tucker!