Monday, March 01, 2010

Tucker and ME

You just dont find many pictures of me on this site....I really do hate my picture taken. HOWEVER, I was reminded that even though I dont like them, my children need to have pictures of their mother too. SOOO, Tucker and I took a few tonight after his bath.

He is getting so big....heavy big too!!! I swear he has gained 5 pounds this week alone. Eats nonstop!! I am not exaggerating either. He doesnt seem to get full. Does anyone know if Downs kids have a problem knowing when they are full? I think I am going to have to start telling him no when he wants to snack all day. I had always prayed that he would be able to eat, by mouth, and not have issues. We got rid of the mickey button and I got what I prayed for....EATING by mouth. NOW, I have to fix, or look at, limiting atleast the calories he is taking in.

We are so blessed ......Tucker has come so far! He is, as I have always said, my Hero!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Karen~ Tucker has made such great strides and this is only the beginning of his journey! Holland is just beautiful!
~Alex's moma!

ParkerMama said...

Yea! for eating by mouth. :D

Tucker is doing so well, I'm thrilled for you guys.

Anonymous said...

YES..they often do have a hard time knowing when they are full. The 2 women with Ds that I work with who are in their upper 40's will still literally eat until they are gonna "puke" and still say they are hungry!!!!

BUT that is a MINOR battle compared to having a Mic-key button. We cant wait for the day that the light clicks for Cole and he wants to eat something by mouth. We are prob the only parents of a 2yr old who are doin a little dancin right now because he is ASKING to drink from our Coke bottles!!!! LOL

Loved seeing you guys briefly yesterday at NEEC!!


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

All good news! And I love the pic!