Monday, March 22, 2010


Trying to take a picture and he turns his head flirting with me. I come around the other side and he turns it the other way....giggling all the way. How can I be upset..?
I have tried to get motivated to scrapbook tonight, no go. I have actually gotten pretty far in Tucker's baby book. I just have a few months to fill in and then journal in it. I am holding off doing the journaling until I am done with it so I can sit down with the blog and fill it out very thoroughly. It is so nice to have documented all that has happened in Tucker's life and when it occurred, makes going back and getting it on paper a little easier.
I have also started a current book of Tucker's activities. So I am trying to keep up with current events and catch up at the same time. I need to do the same with Hunters books. She has started scrapping her Freshmen year stuff but I still feel I need to do her books like in years past. I really need to find a spot that I can lay everything out and keep it out instead of putting things away each time. It takes so long to get organized each time.....maybe I will work on that. The basement isnt being worked on currently and probably wont for a year or I could actually take a corner over for all my supplies..put a table there with everything spread out. Then I could go down and pick up where I left off instead of having to find my place again. HMMMM might have to seriously look into that.

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