Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today was a day. A day that peoples words got to me, their attitudes effecting mine. I try not to, most days it doesn't effect me....but it is getting harder and harder to shrug off. I know we have control over our emotions, over how we LET people and their words effect us. I have been in relationships where words were used to control....words were used to "degrade" and words hurt, most times more than a punch in the face. Words do damage, damage to the soul, to our self esteem, to our minds.

Tonight I found a song by Train...the chorus is "words. theyll try to shake you. dont let them break you. or stop your world from turning. when words keep you from feeling good. use them as firewood. and let them burn. like stones in your pocket. people try to weigh you down."

I will never understand why people feel they have to tear others down....I guess so they feel bigger. I was raised to be respectful, even if you dont like the person. Even if it is your worst enemy, you treat them as you would want to be treated. What has happened to this world that everyone has to "one up" on the other?

I am guilty...guilty of letting words make me feel badly about myself and my decisions. Why? Good darn question. I deserve to be that person that they want to be without their comments. (cause that is why they tear me down right, because they are jealous....that is what I say anyway-whether is it my organizational skills, maybe its my head full of gray hair, or my motivation, or my middle toe that is longer than any has to be the toe that makes them mean) hee hee

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