Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OMG...who would have thought 10 minutes would do this

I hurt all over. Tonight I added 10 minutes, JUST 10 minutes, to my workout and OUCH!!! My back hurts, my legs hurt...feel like a truck ran over me. So I am now at 30 minutes hard workout with a warm up and cool down. WOW.....and to think it only took me 3 months to get here. (ha ONLY three months to work up to 30 minutes every other day....man talk about taking it slow) But the main thing is I am here now and it does feel good...good pain right.
Tucker is on day 28 of his reading program. He is reciting the words as we flip through his flash cards, some of the words I never would have thought would be in there...like popsicles, egg and teacher. They have been introduced already...we will see. He loves his "word game" as we call it. We get high fives and YOUR SO SMART after we play. He had his cardiology appointment and all looked great. Dont have to go back for 4-6 months. They took more pictures of his mitral valve (ok so now that I say mitral valve I have to go back and look to see what the actual name of the valve was) as it is on the small side but he is doing great with it. (this valve they had to split during surgery as Tucker didnt have two sides to it) The pressure in his right side is still high which means the left side is still high as well, in our terms it means it is still relaxing. His oxygen was 98...was at 93 when we got back from Boston which means it IS relaxing and doing what the surgery was meant to do. ALL VERY GOOD/GREAT things.

The pig was almost gone two days ago...pee on my carpet three times and he was going back. Hunter begged her case and I have given him two weeks to get used to the regime and get his act together....I guess he heard me and now knows he is not the ruler and better shape up. We havent had a one incident since. (knock on wood)

My sister comes into town this weekend with her new hubby. I hope he can handle all of us, lord knows we can be a bit overwhelming. Seven siblings and their spouses and their kids...and now our kids are starting to have kids. It is quite the bunch. Cant wait to see My Amy!

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kimk said...

yeah Tucker! glad to hear about the good cardio report!
Is echocardiogram one of his words? you should add it and amaze his drs in 4-6 months!
Piggie joins puppy in "bad" UGH...Im hanging in there too.
I need to bring Will to your house, he would be excited to pet a piggie.