Monday, December 21, 2009

Our C H E E S E ball

Tucker is such a happy boy. It is amazing the change in him. He is talking more and more, he even calls Todd, TODD. (yeah daddy doesn't like that so much) There is so much to report I just don't know where to start.

We haven't been to cardiology for almost 3 months. Still on a bunch of lasix. He has woke up dry a few times only to be soaking wet within a few minutes (time to potty train huh?) He is always hungry...always. He has learned to whisper and is starting to run. He pulls his toothbrush and paste out of the drawer when it is time to brush. He is learning to wash with a washcloth and use soap to clean up in the bath tub. (so cute to watch him try to splash water on himself) We still watch a lot of Jack but actually watch just as much Little bear now. He is also able to sit and watch musicals, Mama Mia and Hairspray to name a few. (and dancing does happen during the singing parts of course) I don't even want to mention the "illness" or the lack thereof. He is so much stronger with his heart now. There are so many things I am missing...I really need to blog more so I have the documentation of things...the time just flies by anymore.

I know I have said this time and time again....but often I watch this boy in amazement. We are so blessed. The simplest things that he accomplishes add up to many big accomplishments and he just amazes me!!


My name is Sarah said...

I like your glasses Tucker.

Miss. Lisa said...

You are so blessed to have lil Tuck Tuck around and feeling at his best. I can see by the posts that he is a new lil guy with a new heart. So glad he is doing so well.