Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few changes....

Tucker is, well was, a binky baby. We have been a few weeks now without it. He still asks for it every once in a while,,especially if he is really tired but has done very well without. The other change is....drum roll....we started sitting on the potty. We have yet to pee in it but we sit on it several times during the day. I am hoping that one day he accidentally goes while he is there and we can party...maybe that will trigger his brain to know that is what happens. I truly dont know if he knows when he wets, if he actually knows what the feeling is....so this is the course we will keep going on until we have our first pee on the potty, then our second.....then maybe one day, sometime before he is 5 or 6, we will be trained.

Anyone have any advise? Hunter was so easy...and Tucker, well he shows no interest at all. I can, atleast, get him to sit there now while we sing a song. I have been putting him on right after we wake up because he has been waking up mostly dry and nothing. Hopefully once he figures it out it will be a breeze. (he knows we go in and go potty and at one time he would sign potty then go #2 shortly after but he hasnt done that in a very long time. He has never shown signs of pee...like grabbing himself like he is going or is wet..)



Anonymous said...

Yes,if you get some words of wisdom let me know. We have started to potty train too. We Alex starts to grunt we put him on the pot and he has done his business several times but no pee yet. Good Luck!~Regina

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

I know this will probably be hard with him being young, but I heard that if you put fruit loops or cheerios in the potty for the little boys to aim and drown, it works out pretty well. "Can you pee on the red one!!!" My sister let my nephew put ice in the potty and try to melt it with is pee!!! Good luck!